Buying a used car through a dealer is easy. Today, many dealership dealers offer a variety of products that consumers can choose.

Even though there are alternatives that are more profitable than passing dealers, namely auctions. Buying a used car through auction is still rarely known. This lack of knowledge is based on the inherent stigma. People often assume that the auction is only for used car dealers or sellers. Then, the car will later be sold back to individual consumers.

Most buyers are at auction sites, indeed sellers or dealers. You see, the cars offered have a very cheap price tag. But, actually individual consumers can participate in auction activities. Even some auction service providers, competing to invite individual consumers to participate.

There are several advantages to buying a used car through an auction. First, the units provided are many and varied because they come from various sources, for example, companies that have operational vehicles. Then the selling price is relatively low, and can even be ascertained under the usual used car dealer price. Finally, the process is not difficult. However, please note to buy through an auction, it's good to provide cash. Because there is currently no credit feature in the auction process.

If you don't understand how to enter a used car auction. The following tips were shared by Ibid-Balai Lelang Serasi, as one of the vehicle auction service providers.

1. Understand the auction procedure
Before participating in the auction, you need to understand the procedures for auction. So that later will not be awkward when already at the auction location. Lately, various information about the procedures for auctions can be found through cyberspace.

Information also includes auction schedules. If you don't understand enough, don't be afraid to contact the service provider to get complete information.

2. Choosing a vehicle
If you already understand the procedure, the next step, choose the target vehicle. Usually, service providers publish catalogs of used cars auctioned on the day, either through leaflets or online. It contains complete information: type of car, type, year of production, value of the condition of the car, color, to the completeness of the documents, and telephone contacts (to get information on used cars).

Ask for the catalog, to find the desired car. Carefully check the data listed in the catalog. We recommend that you select several units, to be used as a backup plan when you are unable to get the most desirable unit.

3. Check the vehicle
After knowing the desired unit, then enter the unit inspection stage directly. Car inspection can be done 3 days before the auction time or commonly called open house. This stage is important, so that later you are not disappointed after getting the unit.

Service providers usually allow you to turn on the car, so you can find out the condition of the engine. Check thoroughly. The problem is, the units offered by auction service providers usually have the condition as they are (not significantly improved).

If you don't understand how to check, ask people who understand the vehicle to help you. However, if you don't have one, you can ask for help from an auction service provider. Vehicles that are auctioned are usually accompanied by complete data on the quality of the vehicle. Ask the officer to explain the data in detail.

4. Check repair history
You can request a repair history with the officer. Later the officer informs which parts of the vehicle have been repaired. This is important so that you know the quality, so that it becomes the basis for the profit and loss to buy it. In addition, by looking at the history of improvements, you become aware of and anticipate the risks of what happens if you buy it.

5. Check the document
The next step, check the completeness of the document. An explanation of the completeness of the actual document has been written in the catalog, such as the validity period of BPKB and STNK. However, you must make sure to return, by looking at documents directly or through the official website of the service provider. The service providers themselves are open to help.

6. Don't lust
Following an auction means you are ready to compete. The unit that you like, can be the target of others. Therefore, when following the bargaining process, do not be emotional. Because you want to win, you are eager to bid as high as possible.

Calculate the profit and loss you bid on the car. By making the data as a reference, do not let the offer that is offered exceed the budget or the price becomes too expensive.

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