This Bad Driving Habit Has Fatal Effects

This Bad Driving Habit Has Fatal Effects - Every year, mortality rates from accidents in Indonesia are the highest in the world. Data presented by the Head of the Indonesian National Police Traffic Corps (Kakorlantas RI), Inspector General Royke Lumowa, as we quoted from mentioned, around 28 thousand to 38 thousand lives were lost on the streets due to traffic accidents.

This bitter reality is a warning for all road users to drive more carefully. Many factors indeed cause traffic accidents, ranging from vehicles that are not roadworthy, dangerous road conditions (minimal markings, signs and lighting), to traffic violations.

But in fact, not a few traffic accidents are caused by the driver's bad habits when driving. The problem is, bad driving habits are common in Indonesia, especially in big cities. Unwittingly this behavior can result in death, not only for other road users but also for the driver himself. Here are some of the bad driving habits that are common and fatal!

This Bad Driving Habit Has Fatal Effects

1. Slow Slow in the Fast Lane

According to traffic rules , the rightmost lane is used for vehicles that travel faster or to overtake. But in fact, many vehicles go slowly in the far right lane. As a result, the speed of the vehicle that is faster becomes hampered and not a few are actually breaking because of overtaking from the left.

2. Sounding the horn blankly

The purpose of the horn is to tell other drivers around you what actions you want to take on the road such as overtaking, turning or moving lanes. Hitting the horn carelessly for obvious reasons can ignite the emotions of other drivers or at worst shock to damage the concentration of other drivers. Just honk the horn when needed, and even then for a moment. Do not ring the horn continuously.

3. Increase speed when you want to be overtaken

Give other vehicles the opportunity to overtake your vehicle. Do not even the opposite, it increases speed. Accelerate when there is another vehicle that is overtaking, potentially resulting in an accident. Especially if the vehicle is passing through the lane from the opposite direction. Give the vehicle a chance to get ahead of you safely.

4. Not Giving Another Vehicle Opportunity to Switch Lanes

Surely you often experience this. You want to change lanes and see other vehicles behind at a safe distance and drive at the same speed. When you increase speed and turn on the turn signal as a warning, the vehicle actually adds speed and closes the space does not give you the opportunity to change lanes. This action is very dangerous, especially if there are other vehicles that go slower. As a result, you cannot switch lanes to overtake the vehicle in front because the lane is used and closed by another vehicle that was far enough away.

5. Forget to turn off Sein

Not infrequently also found a vehicle with turn signal lights on. Though the vehicle does not intend to turn or change lanes. This action is very dangerous because other road users can predict it, especially at the intersection.

6. Sounding the music too loud

Sounding music too loudly reduces the driver's alertness to the conditions around the vehicle. You will not be able to hear horns or warnings given by other road users.

7. Watching Traffic Accidents

Finally, do not stop or slow down the vehicle in the event of a traffic accident. This is dangerous because there could be other vehicles from behind that are speeding and late anticipating to reduce the speed of the vehicle suddenly. If an accident occurs right in the middle of the road in front of you, slowly turn the vehicle over and help pull the victim to the edge of a safe road.