After the first 1,000 km car is used, the service is mandatory. Of course, you can go to the official workshop nearest you. Naturally, the name is also a new car. There is a desire to immediately bring it to activity. Especially on weekends, it is certainly fun to bring a family on vacation using a new car.

Even so, there are actually a lot of things you have to pay attention to when you first drive a dream car. The first step, read the manual to learn the technical specifications and various features that are owned. Do not immediately drive it on the road, so that it does not misstep. Many users feel that they can drive a car and ignore manual books.

Though there are guidelines for using features and how to deal with a number of obstacles. Well, after mastering the car spec, start driving with relaxing and in accordance with traffic conditions. No need to act aggressively. Like speeding or driving the car roughly. Why?

According to Auto2000, this is related to car components, which need time to adapt to environmental conditions. Actually, there is an adjustment between moving components. Indeed, the latest technology makes the quality of the spare part material increase and the error gap becomes smaller. Still, it takes time, so that good cooperation between components is established. So that it reduces the potential for damage.

Equally important, new car users are required to undergo periodic service of 1,000 km or the first month. Whichever is achieved first?

Why does the first 1,000 km service become a mandatory menu?

The goal is to ensure the condition of the vehicle according to standards. The car must be ensured that it is able to work or function optimally after the customer has used it within 1 month of delivery.

In addition, periodic service is 1,000 km or the first month, ensuring the customer's new car is in prime condition. You see, there are several mechanical and electronic components that must be checked. Even though there is a guarantee from the manufacturer, the name is electronic objects, sometimes there are errors or damage.

Another benefit, there is communication between the user and the official mechanic of the workshop. It could be that the way you use the car is not right, causing damage to car components. Or even shorten component life. Early detection makes damage not increase and spread. So that it can be fixed immediately and you avoid the risk of greater repairs.

No less important, regular service of 1,000 km is one of the considerations for giving a guarantee. Because, the main condition of warranty or warranty is to routinely perform periodic service in an official workshop, such as Auto2000.

Take, for example, there is a trivial problem in your Toyota car. But because of forgetting or being lazy to do periodic servicing for the first month, the damage even gets bigger. Even makes you have to replace damaged components.

Even though this happens, there is a potential for your warranty claim to be rejected by the official Auto2000 workshop. It is unfortunate. When periodic service, all components move in your car, a detailed inspection is carried out. The part that is checked includes the function of all interior or steering room components, such as the steering system, security system, electrical functions, air conditioning, and head unit.

After that, checking continues to the exterior. Includes body, door and supporting functions such as car lights and wipers. Continue to the rather heavy part of the machine. Examination of engine oil, fan belt voltage, radiator water volume, brake fluid, other fluids, and general machine function checks.

Then go to the drive system such as transmission and clutch. Do not forget to check the chassis, the shock absorber, and car brakes function. If there is damage, the replacement action is taken immediately for free. Of course for components guaranteed by Toyota's warranty and not damage due to mistreatment by the car owner.

How much does the car owner have to pay for a comprehensive inspection? Zero or free, no charge at all. In order not to miss this crucial periodic service, you can download the Auto2000 Mobile application and enter vehicle data in the profile menu. There is a notification when it is time for regular service.

Still through the Auto2000 Mobile application. You can also directly make a service booking to undergo periodic service, at the official Auto2000 workshop or assign the THS - Auto2000 Home Service team. This step can make it easier for you, to carry out routine maintenance at the place and time you want.