In addition to a thorough check in the workshop, before going home prepare the tools in the car. Why? Sometimes incidents occur at unexpected times and places. Tire leak, battery pack and so on. You should be able to deal with it urgently with some important tools. Here are the important tools that need to be in the vehicle.

1. Jack
Your car's tire is leaking in the middle of the road? How shocked to find out that the jack that was supposed to be in the car did not exist. Maybe you have used it at home and forgot to save it again. Therefore, the jack must always be kept in the car after use. Jack not only serves to change the tire but also very useful to make emergency repairs, especially for components that are found under the car. The jack can also be used to help restore the tires of the car that fell into the trench, back to the road.

2. Wheel Lock and Tool Set
The jack is there, but the wheel lock isn't there, it's useless. The wheel lock of each car can be different. That's why, just like a jack, make sure your car's wheel lock is always stored in the car after use. Also, save the toolset in the form of a screwdriver and socket lock in several sizes. This equipment is useful for tightening bolts or other car components. Not only people who like to 'crack' their own cars that must have this equipment. Because tightening the battery bolts or tightening the radiator hose clamp, is a simple job that should be done by anyone.

3. Jumper cable
After a short lunch break, you and your family want to continue the trip back and forth. But the car suddenly can't be turned on. It turns out that your car battery is bad. The nearest car repair shop is closed because of the Eid holiday. Jumper cable solution. You can request the time the owner of another vehicle parked in your place of rest to help.

Just connect the jumper cable from your car battery to another vehicle that has a good condition and your car can come back to life. Let the engine turn on for a while and give the alternator time to recharge the battery's energy. After a while, turn the engine off and let it stand. Then try to turn it on again. If the engine turns on normally it means your car battery is still healthy. Continue the journey back! If the machine is difficult to live, it means your car battery is weak. You can jumper back the vehicle temporarily and bring the car to the car repair shop or emergency rest point that many car brands provide along the route back and forth during to exchange new batteries.

4. Other equipment
In addition to these three important tools, there are also several other tools that must be stored in the car. Flashlight, for example. At night, flashlights are useful starting from looking for a ring that falls in the car cabin to illuminating the engine room when making repairs. In addition to flashlights, now many LED lights can be charged with brighter light.

It is also important to bring empty bottles. This bottle can be used to carry fuel if your car runs out of gas in the middle of the highway. Or it can be used to fill radiator water if your radiator's water runs out.