Buying a used car can be beneficial, it can also be detrimental. All depends on the value of the vehicle and alertness in buying. When the need is urgent, while funds are limited, buying a used car can be a solution. If you are not vigilant and in a hurry, it is not profitable, but instead you get lost when you buy used cars. Well, here are some suggestions given by the Provis Auto Sports Bintaro workshop, before buying a car.

1. Not eager
When you want to buy mokas, you should not be lustful. Why? Used car dealers usually have an instinct to know this. So the price offered can be too high compared to the market price. So, start with a casual conversation. Then it is not advisable to go to the showroom when it is evening, especially at night. This shows you want to immediately have a car.

2. Check the exterior
For the exterior, checking the condition of car paint is absolute. The best way, when there is still sunlight. If the car is under the roof, ask to be moved to an area that is exposed to the sun but not to glare. When the conditions are bright, it can facilitate the inspection of striped car paint or not, never repainted or not and see the smooth surface of the body. Checking is difficult if the car is inside the building and only illuminated by the lights.

3. Cat condition
For more details, pay attention to the paint surface whether the 'orange peel' is normal or not, equally or not, especially in the area near the body list and the glass list. Pay attention to car paint from different angles. Don't be fooled, the problem can look as smooth as it is from the front corner. But from the back angle, it turns out to be stripped.

Also, pay attention to the glass list and body list. Sometimes there are still marks with paint when painting has not been cleaned. Paint is often seen with gloss, but the gloss is only from the varnish. While paint and thinner use poor quality materials, this can lead to long-lasting paint gloss. Keep in mind that cars that have been repainted, especially the entire body, have a tendency for cheaper prices.

4. Interior
A good and clean car interior can add to your driving comfort. So make sure the interior of the car is still in its original state. See the dashboard condition, make sure that nothing is broken or cracked. In addition, see the condition of the steering wheel, ceiling, and car seats must also be in full and clean condition.

Then see the ceiling whether in good condition or not, dirty or clean, if there are depressed marks, the car may have been used to carry things. Further inspection of checking the car carpet. This is to ascertain whether the car has been flooded or not. Cars that have been submerged in the flood are certainly rusty and there is dirt in the crevices of the crease. The rust was difficult to lose even though the car had been taken to the salon.

A used car flooded usually smells musty. Worse yet, usually the ECU is already in reconditioning (repair). Even if it is not damaged, there is a potential for the ECU to be damp and one day to be damaged. So in checking the interior, it must be careful and careful. Avoid flooded used cars.

5. Machine Conditions
The easiest to open the hood. Look around the engine room. Does the engine room have a relatively new coat of paint? If there is one, this indicates a machine down. Many causes, ranging from flooding, collisions and other damage.

The next step is to see if there is a machine leak. At the bottom and also check the hose connected to the machine. Usually, traders try to cover it up by washing the car engine so that it is not visible if there is oil seeping. Check, if the end of the engine bolt is scuffed or deformed because it is often open and closed. Because this method also determines whether the machine is often opened or not.

Pay attention to the sound of the engine when it is first turned on. Listen to whether there is sound or vibration that is not normal or not in rhythm. See also the color of the exhaust smoke. If the color is black, indicate incomplete combustion. If the color is white smoke, there is an indication of the oil mixture in the combustion chamber. If you are in doubt, you should ask a mechanic or someone who is an expert on cars. And don't forget to direct test drive, after seeing the BPKB document, vehicle registration and invoice must be original.

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